Taiji classes 2024

Tai chi classes for all levels.

Teachers with 30 years of practice and experience.
School of Taichi with classes in La Spezia, Versilia, Lucca and Massa Carrara.
Dedicated center in Pietrasanta for spiritual practice.

Practicing traditional Taiji, students progress through long and serious training that produces a real inner evolution, profound well-being and a certain capacity for self-defense based on sensitivity and inner power rather than external strength and speed. Passing on the sublime experience of the great masters of the past requires an effort on the part of both students and teachers. The teachers themselves have already undergone such long training previously with their teachers.

The goal of the Tai Chi teaching is to unite the various levels and not to work only on one of them. First of all, taiji lessons aim to teach you to move the body freely and fluidly, then to release and align, and finally to find the forces that operate in the body, combining all these aspects with the mind. This is the level where the mind and body learn to work together. Purely physical training of the body has very little to do with Taiji. Then there is training for mind-energy co-ordination and later for the deepest part of the mind.. During this path the development of the connection between the Deep Mind and the Spirit can begin to grow.

The school offers various classes for all levels. New students can start taiji lessons at any time, without any specific requirements, upon contact. Before joining, first watch a full class – then you see exactly what we do and we can answer questions that arise.