Who has not enough time?


The search for inner self is an essential stage of the existence of any individual. Most postpone this as much as possible, until the moment of death, when virtually nothing can be done. Others wander through superficial “mystical” experiences sufficient to cyclically silence their inner voice. Among these, few come into contact with the deeper self, which slowly begins to manifest itself in practice. Finally, very few point directly to the center and successfully answer the question that unites all of us:”Who am I?”. Meditation.

Setting apart time for meditation is only for the spiritual beginner. A person who is advancing enjoys the deeper state whether they are busy or at rest. While their hands are in society, their deeper self remains aloof”.

Ramana Maharshi

Sow the daily awareness that for how many are the commitments and the circumstances of everyday life, nothing and no one can deprive us of being 24 hours a day with ourselves. That the perception of the moments that elude us is not caused by the number of occupations to which we are called, but by the distance from the inner self, during the accomplishment of those tasks.