The term Energy Refinement refers to a set of practices aimed at increasing and bringing into balance the qi, or vital breath. The practice of this discipline gives an improvement in the psycho-physical condition, which is reflected in a better health and immune system response. It includes coordinated practices of: breathing, body movements for the circulation of body fluids and the use of Mind to guide the flows of energy

The search for inner self is an essential stage of the existence of any individual. Most postpone this as much as possible, until the moment of death, when virtually nothing can be done. Others wander through superficial “mystical” experiences sufficient to cyclically silence their inner voice. Among these, few come into contact with the deeper self, which slowly begins to manifest itself in practice. Finally, very few point directly to the center and successfully answer the question that unites all of us:”Who am I?”

Taiji (or Tai Chi), martial art and alchemical practice is among the genuine paths, a Supreme Way as it is soft and balanced, Yin and Yang. Free from the superficial mind, the Taiji practitioner becomes formless water, flowing away without resistance and penetrating deeply, generating a strong vortex as its centre: unstoppable, but continuously adapting.